Ulf Toll, founder of RTI

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Ulf Toll, founder and visionary of RTI

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At RTI, we never rush greatness. Mako has been in development for over a decade, showcasing our dedication to excellence.

We’re renowned for innovations like DIGI-X, Barracuda and Piranha, and for our cutting-edge accompanying software, setting us apart. Time and demand may force others to pursue all-in-one solutions, but our 40-year legacy of delivering them keeps us confidently at ease.

My Seamless Journey with Mako: A User’s Perspective.

From my initial encounter with Mako, the software’s easy adoption stood out as a key factor. The interface played a significant role in creating a positive and effortless onboarding experience.

When reflecting on my favorite feature or benefit with Mako, it’s undeniably the elimination of a common frustration in quality assurance – the need to calibrate the position every time I start a session. . This aspect significantly streamlined my workflow, enhancing overall efficiency.

Mako’s ability to meet these criteria has been a game-changer, ensuring a positive and reliable partnership experience. The software aligns seamlessly with my need for a hassle-free and predictable calibration routine.

In summary, my journey with Mako has been defined by its user-friendly nature and time-saving benefits. The initial ease of adoption, coupled with the ongoing advantage of simplified calibration, has made Mako an invaluable asset in my quality assurance endeavors.

Mako launch partner, Finland