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Mako meter - a workflow of excellence, mobile version

Enjoy a workflow of excellence.

QA meter Mako for R/F modality

Boundaries, we bid you farewell.

Elevate your standards.

Mako reigns as the most efficient and accurate meter, offering the broadest application range.

This is your solution to eliminate detector swaps and simplify CTDI. Choose Mako, and join us in raising X-ray quality assurance and testing to new heights.

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Mako and mAs module with a hand, mobile version

Think forward

Mako is your future-proof and ever-evolving solution. With its multi-modal design and continuous innovation, it grows with new functions, additional probes, and an ever-broader application range. Mako will always be the best at hand for your X-ray QA.

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Step into a realm of automated data-driven excellence. Mako, the Ocean Next™ powered multimeter, helps you collect and store data, track inspections and stay ahead of emerging trends.

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Count with us

Mako is your way to the lowest cost of ownership, a choice of quality of everlasting value. A comprehensive solution for efficient and accurate QA and testing, empowering you to take proactive measures against downtime.

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Mako meter by RTI, mobile version

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